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Seattle Apartment News - June 2016

Is it June again already? Here is some Seattle Apartment news for you. I know it's been a while since I've posted. The first half of 2016 has been an extremely productive time here at Rent-Guru. Renting in Seattle isn't getting any easier, although is it getting a little safer and a lot more expensive. Most of these articles are from the past month or so. I hope you enjoy. 

A photo I took near the new Rent Guru HQ

A photo I took near the new Rent Guru HQ

Please excuse any messyness here. I'm posting this from an airplane. I'm headed to Los Angles for some downtime and the Dwell on Design Convention. Want to see what i'm up too? Follow me on Snapchat, twitter, or periscope. SC: Bkhighfive Twitter: @rent_guru P: @bkhighfive

Trends in rent prices are completely predictable. Eric Fischer transcribed 30 years worth of "For. Rent" adds from San Francisco newspapers. What he found is pretty amazing. Apartment prices follow a very clear path and can be broken down to three key factors.  

Trying to decide weather to purchase or rent a home? Here are some points to keep in mind.

Rents are still climbing higher than incomes

I'm posting this article because I really like the Gif for Seattle. It shows the number of $1 Million homes in Seattle over the past four years.

Homeownership is down, renting is up.

No homes to purchase? Let's blame it on the Millennials.

Is this news getting you down? You can always squat in Las Vegas.

Homlesness in Seattle continues to be a problem. One of the largest areas for this is under Interstate 5.  It's know as the jungle.

Here is a story from the Stranger about a man camping on a ledge under the I5 cap.

From Five Essays About Homeliessness in Seattle

Want to reduce homelessness and gentrification? We need more housing

Looking for some relief to these high rental prices. Check out this interesting article from talking about Mandatory Housing Affordabilty

For those Seattle renters who have affordable apartments keep this in mind if your landlord tries to jack up your rent.

Here is a second article about this great new regulation.

You know my love for tiny homes and distaste for buzzwords. Here is an. Article about the new hot trend in added density. Shedquarters

Let's talk about short term rentals for a second. Airbnb is in our local papers almost daily. Here are a few articles to keep you up to date. 

Airbnb Is A Key Player in The Sharing Economy

Seattle May Slap New Rules on Airbnb to Ease Rental Crunch.

Australia has unveiled a new pedestrian control system. Traffic signals installed in the ground. How about instead of adding more lights and putting the emphasys on pedestrians not paying attention we limit city speeds to a maximum of 20 miles per hour. As cities become more crowded, right of way should be given to pedestrians and transit.

I'm not the only one who things cars and cities don't mix.

As the weather heats up, you may want to reconsider that air conditioner

I'm pretty sure this is rental related. The history and world domination of IKEA

Well that's it for now. I hope you've learned a thing or two on this tour of the news. Please feel free to send me your questions or articles you find. I'm always looking for more information for this blog.  

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Rented! That is a landlord's favorite word. 

Not only do I help renters find apartments, I help owners become landlords.  

Over the past three weeks I helped this home's owner navigate all of the steps required to become a first time landlord. A wonderful family from the east coast is moving in May 1st. If you would like more info on how I can help you rent your property, click on the "Help Me Find A Remter" tab to the left. I'll come to your house and discuss how Rent Guru is the best resource for navigating the local rental market. 

Top 5 Tips For Renters Going Into 2015

Hey Everyone, 

It's January. For some of us, this means it's time for a change. That change might be a new apartment or house for rent. Here are my top five tips for renters this year. 


Happy New Year from Dexter Ave N! 

Happy New Year from Dexter Ave N! 

1. Your Landlord is Your Best Ally

Everyone loves to hate on their landlord. You have to pay them all sorts of money, and for what? An apartment you don't really like where something always seems to be broken. 


Your landlord can be your best asset when you are living in an apartment. Most often, the landlord is an employee of the owner. They may collect the money, but it all goes to the owner. Often repairs are not governed by the landlord but the owner. Your landlord knows exactly how much an apartment has to rent for in order for the owner to be happy. If they are good at their job, they also know when new units are going to be available in your building, when units are opening in neighboring buildings and how much they will cost. If they work for a larger property management company, they will have the inside track on new, availabilities in your PM company's holdings as well as how to have repairs done quicker than expected.

Landlords network way more often than you think. They also care about you more than you think. A building is like a family, your landlord wants to be your friend. Don't create situations where they have to confront you and send them a card every now an then. I know it can be scary to talk to people, but get over it. Buddy up to your landlord, take 'em out for a drink. You won't regret it.  

2. If You Don't Have to Move, Don't Move

How bad is your place, really? Often times, when I'm helping a renter move across town, they end up settling for a place that only meets 70% of their search criteria. 70%, people! I know this is an anecdotal, but here is my point: If you aren't being kicked out or price-jacked, your current place may not be as bad as you think. 

3. Search Early, Search Often

It's possible to start searching too early. Six months is WAY to early to start looking for a place. If you are on a month to month lease, and you're think about maybe moving in a couple of months, bookmark some apartment searching websites and check them once a week. The great deal you are looking for might be available now. If it's not, starting a casual search early will help you know a good deal when you see it. You might have to adjust your budget or location in order to get that view apartment with hardwoods and a washer/dryer combo. It's better to find out now than to wait until you've given your 20 days notice. 

4. Apartment Hunt = Interview

This is probably old news but it's still headline news. You should really treat your apartment hunt like a job interview. There are going to be multiple people vying for the space you want. Don't look at this as a burden, look it as a challenge. Here are ways you can make sure you're ready. 

·      Prepare all your data before you show up. Know the neighborhood. Google Maps can get you pretty far in this area. Figure out the great places to eat, where the library is, as well as how many coffee shops are on your commute to work. Looking this up ahead of time will allow you to make an informed opinion on the spot. 

·      Appearance is important. Landlords are judging you the moment you say "hello." Because of equal opportunity housing laws (Know Your Rights) they can't keep you from applying. They can't even keep from renting to you if you meet all the criteria, but they will take you more seriously if you put some thought into your attire. Throw on some buttons and comb your hair, it's not that hard, and you will stand out above 90% of the competition. Viewing apartments is not a stroll through the farmer’s market; it's an interview for your new home. Treat it as such. 

5. Don't Read The News 

I contemplated starting with this point. It's more important that you would think at first glance. Take it from someone who reads (almost) every news article regarding renting in the Northwest, no article will tell you where you are going to live next. Some, like this one, will give you actual tips that you can use. Most will tell you that the market is super hot and way to expensive or that rents are going up 130%. You already know that it's an expensive/hot market. Not every apartment is going up 130%. If you dwell on this negative thinking, you won't be happy in any apartment you choose. Stay positive, your unicorn dream apartment may not really exist but with a positive attitude, you'll find a Clydesdale apartment that you can put a party hat on. 

5a. If All Else Fails, Hire Rent Guru (Shameless Plug)

I'm a licensed Washington State Realtor here to help you with your search. 

 Happy Hunting!



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